Taking you to the outside, one wave at a time.

We work with each person from the first time they approach the line-up and follow through to help them reach their personal goals, whether it’s just having fun or becoming the best surfer in the world.

If you feel like trying it, we have you covered

Kids that just started walking. Tourists. Webcast experts willing to take a chance. Work colleagues who decided to leave their suit and tie at home. Schools located far from the beach. Parents who want to join their kids in the line-up.

Lean mean surfing machine.

It’s all in the details and what to improve in your surfing. That’s why we are 100% focused on our students. Our classes take place with small groups of no more than 6 people per coach. Less is more!

Learn from the best.

If you add it up, our team has 40 years of experience coaching surfers. Practice makes perfect and that’s exactly the know-how that we want to share, regardless of your level of surfing.

Dry. Watch.Repeat.

Remember the last wave you caught? Did you get what you did wrong? The best surfers are always learning from their mistakes. That’s why we film all our classes and training sessions. Smile, you’re on camera!

Keep training and this could be you

Being among the best is the biggest reward. There’s no unique path to reach your goals, but a few common traits always stand out: training, guts, perseverance, self-knowledge and self-control. Find more about our talents. Come surf with them.

Queres boleia?

Our motto is mobility – we’re always chasing the best wave conditions, from Ericeira to Costa da Caparica. You can also find us at Praia da Princesa, at Costa da Caparica.